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Dan Wylie

Dan’s passion for music started when he was 6 years old at his local church, where he would sit and watch the organist play and listen with intent.

Later he started taking piano lessons where his love and passion for music continued and grew. He started writing music when he was 11 years old however only started releasing music 8 years later under the name “Bandaniel” which is a name that was created for his Spotify (It’s a cross between the name “Daniel” and the word “Bandana”).

Through Dan’s journey where he learned about his musical passions, he also realised that he had a particular interest in film music. After studying the works of composers like John Williams, Hans Zimmer and John Powell in his spare time, he realised that his true musical passion was in film music, more specifically the large, grandiose orchestral scores.

Dan started composing orchestral music, during his time at University, and found inspiration for his works around the city of Winchester. He found that if he had an emotion or “scene” that he was composing for he found it easier, so, he came up with the idea that he would create an album of orchestral music and title the pieces different emotions: e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.

He is continuing to grow and expand his musical abilities and knowledge as too is the quality of his music.

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